Blindspot is a project that considers how memory, migration and movement affect perception. It began with the research of an extinct train line in Lebanon which I retraced photographing and filming the remnants of stations and landscape; Using the collected material, I created a series of works -multiple and mediated views- as a means of seeing the history of the trip and place; and examined the process of recalling a journey from both a physical and temporal distance.

Damascus Road (ptng), MER plexi, & MER sketch (framed), 2012.

Damascus Road, 152 x 272 cm, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2012.

MER, 83 x 122 x 11.2 cm, plexiglass with etching, 2012


Placeholder (yellow), 45 x 60 cm,  oil paint on wood panel.

MER Slideshow,  80 handmade 35 mm slides, dim var.

Blindspot (orange), 60 x 76 cm,  oil and acrylic on wood panel.

Blindspot (ptng) and MER slideshow, installation view.

Slideshow, 28 x 28 cm (82 pages), full color, edition of 10 books.

Slideshow (Book) 82 pages in color, 30 x 30 cm, 2012

Installation view, Agial Gallery Beirut, 2012.

Towards Riyaq, 60 x 76 cm, oil and acrylic paint on wood panel

Dahr el Baydar, 60 x 76 cm,  oil and acrylic paint on wood panel

Stripes (Chouf), 45 x 60 cm,  oil paint on wood panel.

Overgrown, 153 x 252 cm,  oil paint on canvas.